Parts Farmed Out
June 22, 2012


Posted in: General

Now I steer clear of garage sales because of lack of interest. If I’m looking for a tool or part, I look to the convential sales outlets, buy ’em new with a warrenty. I might miss the once in a lifetime bargins but I also avoid the people that garage sales draw. You know the type, you have something that is really worth $50, you price it at $25 to sell it, and the yahoos will insult you with a $10 offer for it with a straight face. Anyway, here’s a new low. Friends of mine decided to have a lawn sale, at the end of it all they had unsold items. Not wanting to drag it all back inside they sorted it out into large plastic containers. Kids clothes in one, books in another, etc. They then put out the “FREE” sign to attract the vultures that wouldn’t buy it for little or nothing. The first couple on the scene dump everything out of the plastic containers onto the tables and proceed to take only and all of the plastic containers. Flogging is too good for them.

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